Collection: The Osseous Relic

The object was found by a core salvage crew, in the derelict deep exploration vessel SX-99 "Big Sexy."  

The object (hereby dubbed "The Osseous Relic") was located on the recreation deck. The entire deck had been converted into a...shrine, of sorts. The bulkheads had been festooned with cloth, and painted with symbols of unknown meaning. The deck was covered in pads clearly removed from the gymnasium, all manner of bedding and pillows. The Osseous Relic itself occupied a place of prominence, located on an altar clearly crafted from the captain's podium, stolen from the mess hall.

The Osseous Relic emits no radiation, heat, or indeed signals of any kind, and is apparently composed of the bones of some unknown creature. Researchers are baffled by a curious property; anyone exposed to the object is either immediately repelled by it, or slowly become obsessed. There does not appear to be a middle ground. Access to it is hereby limited to those with "W" clearance.

The ship contained no survivors or bodies, and the logs were heavily corrupted.

Total Length:                            8"
Usable Length:                7 3/34"
Biggest Circumference:         9"
Smallest Circumference:  1 1/2"

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